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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ruthless Intolerance

It's time to say "NO" to the defectives.

Identifying defectives is an important first step.  What's next?

Ironically, a key flaw in the racialist "movement" is an excess of tolerance.  Tolerance for defectives. Tolerance for Internet trolls.  Tolerance for agent provocateurs.  Tolerance for every type of stupidity and abnormality possible.  Some activists are so desperate for "followers," so desperate for someone who will (pretend to) agree with them, so eager for "members," so desperate for any illusory progress, that they will accept - nay, embrace! - all of the aforementioned defective and infiltrator types, and then wonder why progress comes to a halt and why the normal and productive become alienated.

Thus, the "vicious circle" begins: the defectives are embraced and populate the "movement," followed by an exodus of the positive and productive elements, reinforcing the defectiveness, alienating more of the normal and creating such an unattractive environment that most who join are themselves ranked among the defective.

It is - or should be - clear that the only way to break this negative cycle is a policy of ruthless intolerance toward defectives, toward trolls, toward backwards memes, toward all the nonsense that has been "business as usual" in the "movement" for decades.

Oh, yes, "movement" "leaders" play lip service to the idea of "eschew the defectives" but they never follow up on it.  They don't want to lose any of their precious "followers" or "members" - funny how a "movement" that values an "elite" and "quality over quantity" is so afraid to sacrifice numbers for progress - and they never want to take a stand on issues that may reduce the possible range of their support.  In fact, the same "leaders" who promote "elitism" and complain about defectives are often the same who tell us we need to accept "eccentric personalities" among the overt racialists, since we must accept that only the eccentric will populate the upper echelons of "open and public" racialist leadership.  Do they ever wonder why that is? Why after decades of racialist activism we've never built up the sort of socioeconomic support structures that would allow overt activists to resist social pricing?  Which would allow more of the non-eccentric to rise to leadership? Is it perhaps because of the decades-long acceptance of "eccentrics" who are unable to accomplish anything, and who dwell upon cephalic indices or Kali Yuga instead of the practical work of building a sustainable, long-term real Movement?

No, we should be less tolerant of eccentric behavior in our overt leaders, not more.  With the power and prestige (such as it is in the "movement") of leadership must come responsibility.  If one cannot restrain their "eccentric" behavior for the common good, what kind of leadership is that?

It is time to say "NO" to "movement" freakishness.  It is time for a ruthless intolerance for "movement" stupidity.  Enough is enough.  No more of the eccentrics.  No more about Kali Yuga, esoteric gnostic nonsense, narrow ethnoracial nitpicking.  Enough with those who promote juvenile cartoon histories of race and culture. We should stop tolerating those who use racial activism for a platform for their narrow obsessions - moon landing hoax, smoking doesn't cause cancer, animal rights, the USA has a carrying capacity of three billion people at a First World standard of living, Asiaphilic HBDism, Hindu spiritualism, extreme lowbrow vulgarism, comic book versions of history repeating the same predictable ethnoracial fantasies from "year one" - we need to say, finally, no. No. No more.  If some want to indulge in that, we need to separate ourselves from them - after all, isn't separatism a good thing? - and go our own way.  

What we need to do is take all the endless talk about elitism and quality and the problem with defectives and actualize it into strategy and policy.  We must have the sort of ruthless intolerance toward stupidity and failure that history shows us wins battles and wins wars.  If "movement" "leaders" cannot clean out the insane asylum - perhaps because they themselves are inmates - it's time to start over with something new. Something new in which intolerance toward the failure of the past is integrated from the start.

Step one is to say "NO" and break with the Past.  Then we can begin to shape the Future.