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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cancer of Bureaucracy

Thoughtful article.

Relevance to racialism? Well, this form of parasitic bureaucracy contributes to racial decline both directly and indirectly.

Directly, in that leftists use these forms of parasitic bureaucracies to seize control of professional/political/social/economic institutions, and use such structures to impose race replacement action on our populations, behind a screen of impersonal, immovable, and unapproachable "bureaucracy."

Indirectly, in that the mindset here: fuzzy group decisions, unaccountability, female-like "teamplayerness" and all the rest is a stark contrast to individual initiative, firm decision making by qualified personnel, and characteristics of heroic (male) leadership.

This is all an example of the emasculation of the West and the irrationality of a hyper-rationality that confuses means with ends.