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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Explicit White Nationalism

Excellent Johnson article.

Also note the comments thread, where Greg Johnson effectively answers the divisive "arguments" of "Revolt." "Revolt's" "arguments" would hold more water if ethnoracial nationalism was successful in the more ethnically homogeneous nations of Europe and was only singularly unsuccessful in America. This is not the case. Granted, openly nationalist parties are more extant in Europe, even with the speech restrictions. But they are no where close to achieving any preservationist objectives (never mind just coming to power in any one election) and, in many cases, they openly eschew biological arguments in favor of assimilationist cultural ones. A European "nationalism" that is indistinguishable from the Neocon/Paleocon "conservative" boundary in America is not exactly a selling advertisement for the "arguments" of "Revolt."

Further, in a practical sense, how to all the American "Euro-Mutts" practice ethnic nationalism? Their right arm supports one group and their left arm supports another?