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Monday, January 31, 2011

Race Traitors, "Good Blood," and the Ethnostate

Punishment required to dissuade free-riding.

There is some disagreement in the "movement" with respect to the question of what to do with "race traitors" after the establishment of a "white ethnostate" - particularly, what to do if such traitors have "good blood" (i.e., good genes, presumably established via phenotype and/or ancestry).

The "Turner Diaries" school of thought is that all such traitors must be punished, "good blood" or not. Other milder perspectives would eschew the bloodthirsty revenge aspects of the "Diaries" but would still insist on expulsion of all traitors, who would be free to live amongst the "diversity" they profess to desire and admire.

However, another school of thought says that "good blood" trumps all, and that we need to have and use the good genes of such traitors even if we dislike the actions of the person. This is said to be the truly "National Socialist" way of thinking. After all, it's all about the "blood," no? This view of course disregards the possibility that (treasonous) behavior, hyper-individualist selfishness and lack of racial altruism, and tendencies toward "liberal" political views, may themselves be genetically encoded and, hence, perhaps signs that the "blood" is not as good as presumed. We'll put that aside for now and concentrate on the main question of whether "good blood" (so defined) should trump actual behavior.

I myself am on the side of the punishment meme, for the reason that free-riding on racial nationalism needs to be repressed if racial nationalism is going to become an adaptive and evolutionarily stable strategy.

Free-riding is essentially taking advantage of a collective good (e.g., group continuity, racial nationalism, the ethnostate) without contributing anything to producing, maintaining, and/or defending that good. Actually, free-riding can be subdivided into "lazy-riding" and "cross-riding" - in the former, the free-rider neither helps nor harms the collective good, in the latter the free-rider actively opposes and harms the good in question. When talking about race treason we focus on this latter group of free-riders: the "cross-riders" who actively harm the race and its needs and objectives. After all, "lazy riders" make up the bulk of the population, who will go in whatever direction they are led; like it or not, we need that herd. Therefore, henceforth in this essay, "free-riding" will refer to treasonous "cross-riding."

Now, the top elite of racial nationalists can be said to be idealistic racial altruists (for the most part), but the bulk of the people - those "lazy-riders" - need some incentive to join racial nationalism. We want them to join us and not the "cross-riders." If we are willing to forgive the race traitors as long as they have "good blood" then we are enabling the worst form of free-riding, and we encourage those in the general population who believe that they may also have "good blood" to also behave badly. Why not? They can "have their cake and eat it too." By being race traitors they can enjoy advantages in the current multiculturalist regime and, if by chance the "racists" win, nothing to worry about, their "good blood" will protect them! Those who ("good blood" or not) make sacrifices for the race and support racial nationalism when it is an unpopular dissident creed have no advantage whatsoever compared to the vilest traitor openly promoting white racial genocide.

This is not an evolutionarily stable strategy - without serious detection and punishment of free-riding, the free-riders will out-compete and crowd out altruists, altruistic strategies and behaviors, altruistic memes, and, eventually, altruistic genes.

Race treason must have serious consequences - even if it is limited to expulsion from a white ethnostate - if such extreme forms of free-riding are to be successfully defeated. Otherwise, many people will just defect to the multiculturalists secure in the knowledge that they will win either way.

Some may invoke a "technological" solution - punish the traitors but after harvesting sperm, eggs, DNA, etc. This "sci-fi" approach is unlikely to be practical in the circumstances inherent in the formation of a new society and the unrest and upheaval (and hard feelings) involved. Even if it were practical, the consequences would need to be considered. Who will bear and raise the offspring of the traitors? Who will keep the secret? And in an ethnostate that values genetic continuity, genetic interests, and adaptive behavior - isn't allowing this genetic continuity of the traitors in the ethnostate still a form of free riding? Even if the traitors do not perceive it as an advantage, others will, and thus encourage more free-riding among those who may otherwise act differently.

What about letting the traitors themselves stay, but in a degraded, lowly position? Is this really practical? What kind of "quality" offspring will be produced - even with "good blood" - from such a degraded position? Will the children be taken from them and raised elsewhere? Is this desirable? Feasible? It raises many of the objections as the "sci-fi" alternative broached above.

In summary, the best, most desirable, and feasible approach is punishment for the traitors, sacrificing a bit of "good blood" for the greater good of the racial community, protecting the collective good inherent in that community by suppressing free-riding.