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Friday, April 15, 2011

The 10% Rule?

Is 10% enough?

See here.

This was reviewed in Science magazine, and the "take home message" seems to be as follows (assuming this theory is correct): if at least 10% of a populations holds a belief with an "unshakable conviction" then this belief will eventually win out against competitors and become the dominant meme in that population.

This seems consistent with the idea that history is made by an elite minority - an example given is the American "Civil Rights" movement, which "took off" once 10% of the Negro population became absolutely committed to the idea.

The implications for ethnic and racial nationalism are obvious since this suggests that if a minority (10+ %) of the target population can be convinced to become "true believers" in the nationalist cause, then eventual victory could be achieved.

The "catch" is "unshakable conviction." We are not talking about folks who are displeased by things, but then go and vote for an "electable conservative." We are not talking about "implicit whiteness," "Tea Party," or any other watered down substitute for nationalist fervor. Nor are we talking about the typical "movement activist" - usually only "unshakable" in their stupidity. But, 1 in 10 people who espouse intelligent, rational, disciplined, focused, hardcore "militant" nationalism - may that be enough?