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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The "I Don't Care After I Die" Argument

A flawed argument.

I’m amused that on some racialist websites, anti-racist commentators show up to promote the individualist idea that since you are going to die anyway, why care about the future racial make-up of the USA or any other country?  Why should it concern you?

First, most people who are not hyper-individualistic narcissistic sociopaths do care about posterity.  People recycle, people care about the environment, people worry about global warming – even if these issues involve events that will take place after the concerned individuals die.  It is normal human nature to at least care about the future of our familial lineages, and Salter’s work makes clear the analogy between family and ethny.  It is responsible stewardship of one’s biological and cultural patrimony to care about the future of one’s people.  Of course, some feel differently.  Salter mentioned that “who cares?” will always be an essentially unanswerable riposte to claims about group interests.  However, others do care – which raises another flaw in the “I don’t care what happens after I die" argument.

The flaw in the “I don’t care after I die” argument is – why then does pro-White advocacy bother the person making the comment?  After all, if the hyper-individualists do not care what the racial situation is after they die, and at the same time we do care, then why don’t the individualists leave us alone to promote what we perceive to be our (group) interests while they can go off and pursue whatever individual interests strike their fancy?

In other words, if Mr. Individualist really doesn’t care about the racial future, then that person should have no objection whatsoever to a future scenario in which White nationalists are victorious and the European peoples thrive in homogeneous homelands.  Correct?  Indeed, such an individualist really should not object to a “Turner Diaries” scenario in which all non-Whites are exterminated and only Whites are left to populate the Earth.  Correct?  After all, if it happens after they die, and they won’t know about it, no problem.  Correct?  A pro-White future should leave them as unmoved and uncaring as an anti-White one.  Correct?

Actually – incorrect, because these self-proclaimed individualists really do care about the racial future – they want to see Whites disposed, mongrelized, and driven to extinction.  This is why they become so hysterical about pro-White activism even when they really shouldn’t care one way or the other what the racial outcome is.  Indeed, some of these so-called “White individualists” may indeed be non-White themselves, or married to a non-White, and therefore have a self-interested objective in attacking White nationalist activism.  In other words, when they say “I don’t care” – they are lying.  If not, I’d invite them to spend time explaining to Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians why those groups should not care about their group survival.  After all, Whites in general seem not to care and are going extinct.  If the hyper-individualists care so much about promoting their individualism, why focus on Whites?  That’s essentially preaching to the choir – after all, the White nationalists are a tiny and powerless fraction of the White population.  Collectivist racialism is prominent among non-White groups, so it is there that the individualists should concentrate their proselytizing efforts.  If they are sincere.

Which they’re not.