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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Psychological Mechanisms of White Dispossession

Important new Kevin MacDonald article.

Key points in the conclusion (emphasis added):

So in summary, there appear to be three basic mechanisms tending to make White displacement psychologically palatable to Whites:
·                          self-interest resulting in competition among Whites to engage in ever more ridiculous displays of self-abasement and love of diversity and multiculturalism; such displays benefit individuals because of the very elaborate infrastructure that rewards such displays;
·                          social learning facilitated by the prestige associated with dominating the intellectual high ground of the society, thus giving Whites the comfort of having the same attitudes as elite institutions like the New York Times and informing others that one is intelligent and well-read;
·                          feelings of moral rectitude resulting from subscribing to the moral dictates of the society as defined by media and academic elites. Since these elites unanimously regard the traditional people and culture of the West as uniquely immoral, dissenting from these views results in shame and guilt, whereas going with the flow results in very positive feelings that one is a member in good standing of the mainstream society.

All of these processes  discussed here depend on elite control. Without elite control, there is no infrastructure that makes displays of guilt and abasement profitable. Social learning only becomes a weapon against Whites after the forces opposed to Whites control the elite media and the academic world; the same can be said for the creation of moral ingroups.