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Sunday, June 16, 2013

More HBD Nonsense: Rushton

Typical superficial HBD nonsense.

Several points.

First, this idea about a wider range (greater SD) of European vs. East Asian IQ has been around for quite some time.  Evidence for it is lacking, as far as I know.  Granted, Rushton mentioned it as a possibility, not as definitive, but still, if there is no real evidence for it, why not mention that fact, instead of taking the idea seriously?

Second, the 'Black Death" was not a "virus."  Didn't Rushton know elementary facts about the Bubonic Plague.

Third, note how eager he was to speculate that East Asians are about to out-pace Whites, which he considered as the normal outcome, given their "higher-IQ."

And with respect to the point about testosterone (from Duke?), is that a fact or only an assumption?