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Friday, August 30, 2013

Net vs. Gross Genetic Interests

Brief explanation about ethnic genetic interests (EGI).

I sometimes use terms like "net EGI" and "gross EGI" and so a brief explanation is given here.

Gross EGI defines the raw genetic interests derived from genetic data - it's simply the effect of genetic distance multiplied by numbers (e.g., Salter's "child equivalents").  Net genetic interests (which can be represented by the same metrics - i.e., child equivalents) is the intersection between gross EGI and inclusive fitness.  In other words, net EGI is the final ("net") outcome on EGI of whatever choices people make to pursue (or not pursue) their ethnic genetic interests.

An example based on personal/familial genetic interests may be helpful.  You are genetically closer to your brother than to a random stranger (gross genetic interests).  Assume your brother is deranged and comes to a family reunion intent on killing everyone present (himself and you included).  He is stopped from doing so by that random stranger.  That stranger represents a greater boost to your net personal/familial genetic interests than does your brother (who, if successful in his plan, would have been a net negative influence).

The same principle applies to choices influencing genetic interests at the level of ethnies.  A co-ethnic politician intent on flooding your nation with millions of alien immigrants is a net negative on your EGI, while a non-co-ethnic (relatively speaking) politician who is an immigration restrictionist for your nation is a net positive.  Of course, that's not a reason to ignore gross genetic interests, but one always must keep in mind the endgame: what is the final outcome yielding the best EGI that is realistically possible under any given set of circumstances?