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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Civilizational Treason?

Why do they do it?

Why do Whites convert to Islam and try to join militant groups?  Each individual has their own purported reasons I guess, but one searches for a more general explanation. Consider that humans - at least the more advanced Caucasian and Mongoloid races - are mental/spiritual beings as much as they are biological. People search for meaning, something to give their life purpose. Now, when one's native culture has become sick, pathetic, disgusting, and degenerate, then one may search elsewhere for spiritual fulfillment, for life's purpose.

The West is sick.  The West is weak.  The West is losing the clash of civilizations, if for no other reason than it is not fighting. The West is a morass of ethnomasochism, led by the slave religion of Christianity, the creed of ressentiment, the rebellion of the weak and botched against the strong and healthy - essentially, Nietzsche's argument.  Christianity is a spent force, it inspires no one, it is a meme of surrender.  Look at it! Catholic priests, pedophiles in dresses, preaching White surrender to the colored hordes, turning the other cheek: weak, soft, and contemptible.  Protestants with their altruistic punishment against themselves and other Whites, enforcing political correctness with the fervor of the Salem witch trials.  Orthodox "traditionalists" behaving as the running dogs for Putin's Eurasianism, to submerge Russia and Eastern Europe under a Brown and Yellow Tide.  Weak!  Soft! Pathetic!  Who wants to follow that?  Who would fight for that?  Who would be inspired by that?

In contrast to the weak and sterile West, Islam is strong, it is vibrant, it is dynamic, vigorous, and fertile. Muslims conquer, Christians are conquered.  The militants fight for a higher goal, while corrupt and bloated Western leaders play the fiddle as their civilization crashes and burns.  Is it any wonder that some Whites disgusted by the West will be attracted to the strength, focus, and vision of militant Islam?

Now, Islam is well suited for many peoples: Middle Eastern and North African Arabs, Iranians,Turks, Central Asians, South Asians, Indonesians, Sub-Saharan Africans, and others.  That's great, we should not interfere with them, and I sincerely wish them well and respect their beliefs. Indeed, Islam is a great and noble religion well suited for these various Afro-Asiatic peoples. But it is not suitable for Europeans; as is clear from history, it is not suited for the Western, Faustian European soul. That's fine: to each his own. One hopes that one day a resurgent West and a resurgent Islam can carve out spheres of influence in which each civilization can proceed along its own path free and unmolested.

The problem is that Christianity, in the last analysis, is also foreign to the European soul. Yes, for centuries, Christianity was "Aryanized" and served as the basis for a Western civilization, but the underlying rot was always there, the positive driving force was always the natural European creative impulses grafted onto the foreign Christian creed. It served its purpose, but once the West moved from "culture" to "civilization" Christianity became worse than redundant: it became destructive. Note that during the Ottoman era Islam went into decline, but is now once again resurgent and militant, and this resurgence and vibrancy is due to the fact that Islam is well suited to the Arab soul, to the Iranian soul, etc. That's their natural religion and culture, so they embrace it with enthusiasm. Christianity, on the other hand, remains in terminal decline in the West, and is growing only among non-Whites: Latin America, certain areas of Asia (e.g., South Korea), and Africa.  One cannot imagine a resurgent Christianity in Europe because it never really belonged there in the first place.

With Christianity exhausted, with "God is Dead" in the European heart, with Christianity now transformed into a political creed of politically correct Neo-Marxist ethnomasochistic self-abasement: Whites have no where else to turn.  They have nothing.  They are spiritually empty.  So, some turn to the religions and civilizations of other peoples, alien as they may be, because at least those creeds exhibit: Strength!  Traditional sex roles!  Decisive action!  Conquest! A Higher Objective! And what does the "Christian West" offer?  Homosexual marriage?  Feminism? Genocidal mass immigration? Tax cuts?  Libertarianism?  Hedonism?   The Emperor has no clothes: the West is spiritually bankrupt, culturally defective, and deficient in honor, glory, and vision.

What we need is a new creed to lead Western Man to the path of greatness, and give Whites some inspiring vision to follow, one compatible with the European soul.  Thus: A White Imperium, based upon a new High Culture - The Overman High Culture, and held together by a creed of iron: Pan-European National Socialism.  Radicalism without compromise, revolution without reaction, Futurism not moldy "tradition," manly values not effete "Christian compassion."