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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fascism and Codreanu

Legionary Movement and Fascism.

This author has  a better grasp of what fascism is about, its "protean nature," than a certain plagiarizing writer for the same blog who previously defined fascism in the most pitifully ignorant and biased fashion.  The key to understanding fascism is not to dwell on the highly specific characteristics exhibited by whatever form of fascism is actualized in a particular nation.  Instead, the key is Griffin's "palingenetic ultra-nationalism" and a Faustian revolutionary ethos of "self-overcoming" for the entire nation/ethny.  Such things as "corporate state structure" and "state worship" and "marching around in black leather boots" are just the surface manifestations of highly specific, particular species of fascism.

Franco's Spain and other "para-fascist" states - reactionary, anti-revolutionary, with absolutely no palingenetic ethos - were in no way "fascist."  Also, the type of "ultra-nationalism" differed in real fascist states: in Italy, Nation-State; in Germany, Nation-Race; in Romania, Nation-Religion.

The author is correct to state that the specifics of the Legionary Movement would "not fly" today, and as much as I admire that movement (the epitome of a true movement) and admire Codreanu, I disapprove of the Christianity which was at that movement's specific core.  But, to me, the Legionary movement was not really about is specifics, its outward form, but its real inner core: the highly focused Faustian palingenetic drive for a New Man, a form of Nietzsche's overman, better than the "human, all too human," a new type of character, a Homo fascistus.

That is what we should remember.