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Fundamentals of a New Movement

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The Old Movement is dead. Let us instead build something that works, a New Movement, a fresh start.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Identity, Part I

Basic components of the Identity of our ingroup.

At its most basic, we can define three fundamental components of ingroup identity: ancestry, culture, behavior.

Ancestry:  Elsewhere here we discuss genetic kinship, a quantitative metric, but here we define the qualitative biological component of ingoup identity for us: ancestry as indigenous European.  What is indigenous?  We define it here.

Thus, for example, the English, French, Italians, Germans, and Spaniards are all indigenous Europeans, at the national level.  At the regional level, we have, for example, Cornish, Bretons, Lombards and Sicilians, Prussians and Bavarians, and Catalans.  In Scandinavia, the Germanic Scandinavians are indigenous to the southern regions, while the Saami are indigenous to the north. These are all indigenous Europeans.

What about Jews, Gypsies, and Turks?  Turkey is Asian, not European.  Jews and Gypsies, who entered an already-occupied Europe in historical times, are not indigenous to any specific territory in Europe.  Is there a nation or region of Europe which is the homeland of Jews or Gypsies?  No, there is not.  They are Diaspora peoples, scattered throughout Europe.  Even if one wanted to assert some sort of vague, generally European ethnogenesis for the Ashkenazim and Roma, that does not work, since every place in Europe where they are found there has always been an extant, older, "host" population of indigenous Europeans already present.  Thus, intrusive elements into a land occupied by extant, original peoples cannot be indigenous to that land - whether the land is a continent, nation, or region.

This, of course, does not mean that individual Jews or Gypsies cannot be assimilated.  Nor does it mean that small numbers of highly assimilable Jews or Gypsies or any other similar group could not be accepted.  But, it certainly does mean that the entire Jewish or Gypsy ethnies are not European, not part of our ingroup, and cannot be accepted en masse into any Euro-centered project that we will focus on.

Culture: A person can be indigenous European, as defined above, but if they adhere to non-Western, non-European creeds, then they cannot be part of our ingroup.  There cannot be Western Buddhists, Muslims, or  those who convert to the Jewish faith.  We can consider as Western/European: Christianity, Euro-Paganism (Norse-Germanic, Greco-Roman, Slavic, etc.), Atheism-Agnosticism, as well as any Faustian-Nietzschean offshoots of these, including calls to build a new Western High Culture.  

Behavior: A person who pursues policies harmful to our people's existence, who outmarry, who create racially admixed children with those from other groups, etc. - these cannot be part of our ingroup.  Those who betray our people at the personal (e.g., outmarriage) or public (e.g., support for alien immigration) levels can never be part of our community.