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Saturday, January 26, 2013

KMacD Suspends Comments

Good move.

Kevin MacDonald writes (1/25/13):

Comments policy
Kevin MacDonald on January 25, 2013  Leave a CommentI decided to curtail the comments section, at least temporarily. I did this after several people, whose opinion I respect, all suggested this change. The problem was that too many comments were getting through that did not reflect well on the site, and we couldn’t commit the resources to monitoring all of them. I apologize to those who were making intelligent, thoughtful comments, but there were too many trolls and others whose opinions were unwelcome.
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I hope the change is permanent there, but even if not, it underscores the problem faced in blogging: do you allow all comments, and let a form of "Gresham's Law" ruin the quality of the commentariat; do you invest the time in moderating, and run the risk of accusations of bias (favoring views compatible with your own); or do you forego comments altogether, and let those interested form their own blogs to express their own opinions there?

I've always favored the last, and have been criticized for it; thus, it's good to see others realizing the wisdom of this approach, if even temporarily.