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Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Balancing of Accounts

A Balancing of Accounts

I am a pan-Europeanist who believes that people of European descent, of all ethnic derivations, need to work together to pursue our common racial interests.  I don’t ignore or overlook ethnic conflicts between Europeans, but we need to get over the past and deal with the present and look to the future.

However, there are some with a constant ethnic axe to grind, who revel in promoting intra-European conflicts, the same conflicts which, starting in August 1914, has so thoroughly wrecked the White world.

A common theme for such people is how White ethnics have damaged the interests of WASPs/founding stock peoples in the Anglosphere.  This can be considered a form of “White ethnic guilt mongering.” Now, there is of course some truth in their complaints, as ethnic conflicts have of course occurred between Whites and, in the past, there may well have been serious conflicts of interests (note: in the past).  What these people won’t admit though, is that the conflict cut both ways and that the White ethnics were as much victims as they were the victimizers. 

The work of E. Michael Jones is instructive in this regard; some reviews of that work are excerpted below (emphasis added):

The Slaughter of Cities provides a key to understanding who 'broke' America's cities and why they did so. The book also indicates how the elites used World Wars I and II to 'Americanize' Catholic ethnics, used the crisis of war production to transport millions of poor blacks North for factory work and housed them in Catholic neighborhoods, branded Catholics as racists for resisting this influx…

…Rather, from the 1950s on, a combination of misnamed redevelopment programs and malicious social planning turned these areas into war zones, and finally, depopulated deserts. ... He insists that what motivated such experiments as busing and scattered public housing, presented as urban renewal, was at least partly a disdain for urban ethnics.... Protestant elites and their Jewish liberal allies never hid their contempt for the white ethnics who resisted their plans for thrusting underclass blacks into ethnic Catholic neighborhoods. Nor did the urban reformers whom Jones examines, such as Louis Wirth and the Blanshard brothers, conceal their intention of mainstreaming Catholic immigrants and their descendants, whom they viewed as a threat to their notion of a 'pluralistic America.' ... Jones correctly understands the overshadowing role of ethnic hatred in political life. ... Jones demonstrates that anti-Catholic Protestants have also contributed to this manipulative revolution from above, carried out in the name of fighting 'prejudice….

…Jones documents, from a wide variety of government documents, essays and memoirs, the blood-boiling indictment that a well-defined elite orchestrated federal housing policy to destroy the political base of Polish, Italian, Irish and other ethnic Americans in the major, industrial cities…

…the cultural subversion practiced by America's elites, especially such seemingly respectable institutions as the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations…

…the application of private foundation and federal housing policies and dollars in Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia as a weapon of economic and political warfare

Thus, WASPs and Jews together waged war on White ethnics, using Blacks (and also Hispanics) as a biological weapon to destroy White ethnic neighborhoods, wrecking America’s cities, and ruining the lives of many millions of people. What could be worse than this – using Blacks/Hispanics as weapons of biological warfare against other Whites?  That weapon has proved more deadly than nuclear bombs; compare Hiroshima and Nagasaki today with the pathetic ruins of Detroit and Camden.  And Jones’ analysis is supported by Lind’s political analysis, identifying a “Yankee”-Jewish-Black alliance aimed against both White ethnics as well as White southerners.

An honest balancing of accounts would admit that neither side is without “guilt.”  It’s time to move on.