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Monday, March 29, 2021

Universal Nationalism: Blueprint for the Future

It is necessary.

Salterian Universal Nationalism is the way forward for humanity, despite opposition from both the Left, who want to submerge the White world under the rising tide of color, and elements of the Far Right, who have fantasies of race wars and actual White supremacy.

A world of racially segregated civilizational blocs, each being left alone to develop according to its own destiny, peacefully competing, with survival assured for all, will allow humanity  - or at least the civilized elements of humanity – to focus on other issues, like long-term human survival and advancement, space exploration, and advancing science and technics, including genetics and novel energy production.  Freed from the constraints of endless existential group conflict, human dynamism can be unleashed to ponder great thoughts and actualize great deeds.

Far better this future than an endless spiral of "wokeness,” with racial navel-gazing benefitting the least among humanity, while sacrificing the best. The least among humanity (and we need to be honest enough to recognize enormous differences in achievement and potential between groups) should stop complaining and realize that whatever “suffering” that they imagine they have endured in the past was necessary to birth the world of today and the potential world of tomorrow, just as a woman endures pain in childbirth to bring forth new life. And they should not worry about “justice” – the least, the lowest, among humanity, together with their allies among the higher peoples, have been inflicting endless suffering on the rest of us for many decades now, so they have had, and continue to have, full revenge for whatever injustices that they believe has been done to them. Non-Europeans have had justice galore, they have feasted on justice past the point of engorgement, past the point of any reasonable compensation, and their continued harassment of Europeans is now a manifest injustice. And they always fail to balance the books, and fail to recognize that the dynamism of Western man, that led to whatever episodes that fuel their never-ending grievances, is what has led to the highest standard of living for humanity in our species’ history, and it is the only thing that would allow for humanity's next step upward.

The past is prelude to the future. We have seen that peoples of European stock, and only they, have proven capable of the higher level of civilization, of science, and technics, required to advance humanity to its next level. Universal Nationalism offers a way out of our current morass, an approach that can end the wasteful misappropriation of human material and human resources in endless conflicts, and in fruitless quests to transform sow’s ears into silk purses, and will instead allow us to unlock the full potential of humanity, particularly that potential inherent in European Man.

And if the Colored peoples of the Earth truly believe that they are capable, and if they truly believe that they have been held back by “White racism,” then Universal Nationalism offers a way out for them as well. On the other hand, if they openly acknowledge, or secretly suspect, that they are truly dependent on the White Man, then for that reason they should accept Universal Nationalism, which would preserve the people upon whom they depend.  In either case, Universal Nationalism should be embraced by all peoples. 

We cannot let self-destructive racial envy and vindictiveness, bioleninist rages, and selfish inter-group free-riding, interfere with the attainment of the last and best hope of humanity – a stable world order in which every group is guaranteed the right to exist, given the opportunity to achieve its destiny, and, if it is capable of doing so, contribute to the forward march of human progress.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Ethnic Rights

"Ethnic" as in "ethny." Individual to group.

Read this as a starting point.

I reject Rand’s Semitic flim-flam, and call her out as a member of a highly collectivist ethny preaching the “merits” of anti-group atomized individualism to a competing ethny already prone to individualism.

I maintain that, at minimum, the group as a whole must have all the rights of its constituent members, particularly if those members identify as members of the group in question (but remember that they still have genetic interests in their fellow ethnic group members even if they refuse to acknowledge group identity).

If individuals are said to have certain rights, then those rights do not disappear if the individuals are part of a group with a common ethnic identity and a common fate. If an individual has rights X,Y, and Z, then it stands to reason that a group of, say, one million like individuals also has rights X,Y, and Z. Here we are looking at the question as a minimal realization of the additive nature of interests; we shall look at emergent group interests at the end of this essay.

If an individual White has a right to live and prosper, then a nation of millions of such Whites, identifying as members of that ethny, also has the right to live and prosper. The philosophical underpinning of the Sallis Groupuscule includes the premise that rights are not limited to the individual but also apply to the ethny. Indeed, humanists would assert both individual rights as well as rights for humanity as a whole; I would suppose that most people (except radical environmentalists, anti-natalists, etc.) would not object to the premise that humanity has a right to exist as well as do individual humans. The “sticking point” is at the intermediate level, between that of individuals and humanity – the ethny.  Non-European ethnies typically are acknowledged to have ethnic rights, but these are specifically denied to European-derived ethnies, as if these are some sort of sub-human existence bereft of the same considerations given to all others.

Let us consider individual rights and how they can apply to Whites as a group.

The right to life

Thus, White genocide is wrong. Whites, as a group, have a right to exist and a right to fight to secure the means of their existence.

The right to liberty and freedom

Whites have a right to liberty and freedom; they are denied this by the System and its de jure and de facto laws and regulations and policies that deprive Whites of their basic human rights.

The right to the pursuit of happiness

The right to live your life free of discrimination

Whites are actively discriminated against both de jure (affirmative action, “hate speech” laws, selective prosecution, immigration policy) and de facto (“woke” culture, “woke” capital, racial double standards, etc.). This prevents the White “pursuit of happiness” – Whites are not allowed to have their own homelands or their own culture.

The right to control what happens to your own body and to make medical decisions for yourself

Whiteness itself – the White genotype and phenotype – is becoming de facto a crime. De jure eventually?

The right to freely exercise your religion and practice your religious beliefs without fear of being prosecuted for your beliefs

The right to be free from prejudice on the basis of race, gender, national origin, color, age or sex

Whites are discriminated against in every way.

The right to grow old

Elderly Whites are targeted for attack by younger Coloreds. Elderly Whites are denied vaccines, which are preferentially given to coloreds.

The right to a fair trial and due process of the law

Selective prosecution of Whites. The entire System is used de jure to politically persecute White activists. De facto persecution of Whites by extra-governmental actors who are protected by the government.

The right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment

The entire existence of Whites in “vibrant diversity” as part of the System is “cruel and unusual punishment.”

The right to be free from torture

See all above. Multiracialism and multiculturalism is torture. “Diversity training” and other forms of “woke” indoctrination are torture.

The right to be free from slavery

White taxpayers support Colored tax recipients – de facto slavery.

The right to freedom of speech

 Non-existent in Europe. Dying in America (de facto almost gone, de jure in jeopardy).

The right to freely associate with whomever you like and to join groups of which you'd like to be a part.

Freedom of association for Whites does not exist; in America, it has been eliminated by civil rights laws.

The right to freedom of thought

The right not to be prosecuted from your thoughts

In today’s “woke” dictatorship with its dogmatic enforced belief system, there is no freedom of thought for Whites.

We can therefore see that the list of individual rights, which should apply to Whites as a group, are being violated for Whites – as both individuals and as a group – making Whites into a persecuted stateless pariah people.

One can go further and assert that the group has rights specifically as a group that goes beyond rights derived from those of its constituent individuals. First, as a larger reservoir of individuals and of the genetic interests of those individuals, the survival and interests of the group must take precedence over any one individual, or small groups of individuals, within the group. Libertarians may object, but enforced military conscription throughout human history indicates an evolved preference for individual sacrifice – even if compelled – to service the interests of the greater number. Second, the group has emergent properties that go beyond a simple additive summation of the interests of each individual. A group can actualize a High Culture and has, or potentially can have, a civilizational destiny; individuals cannot be so described. Any grouping of atomized individuals does not constitute a High Culture, only the integrated group does so. A nation is, properly, an integrated group of an ethny, not a random constellation of individuals from any and all ethnies that happen to co-exist in the same territory. Thus, we can observe that a group has characteristics as a group that go beyond that of merely adding together sets of individual interests, each unrelated to the other.

So, to all the rights listed above are added to the group the right of interest prioritization over the individual as well as the right to actualize the group’s collective destiny.