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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Further Development of Avant Garde Memes Required

Avant garde politics, racialism, and science?

Crude ethnic stereotyping may lead one to conclude that an emphasis on art, culture, and aesthetics in the creation of fascist ideology was (and is) a particularly “French” phenomenon. Of course, other fascist movements were concerned with these issues, sometimes to a significant extent, but none of them incorporated such memes into the core of the political thinking as did French fascist thinkers. Indeed, the cultural-aesthetic emphasis of the French strain of fascism is a breath of fresh air after immersion in the more focused political thought of the Italian Fascists and the racialist ideals of the German National Socialists.  
In fact, all three areas of focus – cultural-aesthetic, political, and racialist – are required for a complete memetic complex to promote fascistic ideals. As a biological reductionist, I would emphasize the racialist first of all, but doing so with respect to modern genetic science rather than the sort of quackery that passed as “racial science” under the Nazis. However, biological racialism by itself is not enough. Without an edifice of political and cultural-aesthetic memes, the foundation of ultimate interests will go nowhere.

Advocating avant garde memes should not be construed as some sort of pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, “artsy wine-and-cheese” mindset, but rather a fundamental appreciation of the need to break with old ways – ways that are proven failures – and experiment with fresh approaches to the problems of race and civilization.  Therefore, we should advocate avant garde approaches not only for art/culture, but, equally so, in politics, for our view if race, and, to the extent possible, in science.  It is too easy to fall back into bad habits, whether these be artistic, political, racial, or scientific. True enough, new doesn’t always mean best or right (this is where I disagree with the dogmatic futurists – extreme dogmatism should be viewed skeptically*), but we won’t know unless it is tried. We are all familiar with avant garde art (which means, perhaps, that now even newer forms require experimentation), but the precise manner in which avant garde politics, racialism, and science will be actualized remains to be determined.

 *I don’t say that dogmatically.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Remembering Marinetti

Western Destiny endorses Futurism (without eschewing our traditional culture).

This is the type of art I'd like to see more of.