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Thursday, July 14, 2016

After Twenty Years

A retrospective look at 20+ years of struggle against lies, stupidity, and cowardice.*

What are some of the insights I have accumulated in the more than 20 years of activity (analog** and digital) in “this thing of ours” – aka Der Movement?  Rather than write a cohesive narrative, which would be essentially repeating things I have already written, I will instead make comments in a more aphoristic form. Thus:

There is no such thing as any sort of organized pan-European racial nationalism in America and there never has been.  Any organized groups or “movement” leaders claiming that pan-Europeanism is part of the American “movement” are liars.

The relative lack of interest in Frank Salter’s work has been disgraceful.  Of those who are interested, too many invoke “EGI" in a purely instrumental fashion, as it were some sort of talisman, without understanding what they are talking about.  The smaller fraction that do understand (more or less) concentrate predominantly on the first part of On Genetic Interests (explanation and initial defense of the EGI concept), have a breezy conceptual grasp of the second part ([bio]political implications), and completely disregard the third part (ethics).

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of how science works in Der Movement, particularly in its HBD faction, and as well in those who cherry pick population genetics studies or who misinterpret ancestry testing data.  Science is always a “work in progress,” hypotheses are always being presented, tested (if possible), refuted, or tentatively accepted until such time as new data suggest otherwise. That’s how in theory it should be approached. “True believers” of rigid, fossilized dogma do not represent science; that’s HBD pseudoscientific quackery.  Further, no one study is “the last word” on anything, and the tendency of Der Movement to get all breathless over some population genetics study (as long as said study supports – or the Nutzis think it supports - “movement” dogma) is pathetic.  A few months go by and another study comes out with different data and different interpretations – that’s science.  True enough, it is counter-productive to question everything – after all, we can accept that the Earth is round and not flat, and that it revolves around the Sun.  But not everything – particularly when it involves biology, genetics, etc. – is as clear cut as that.  That said, genetic differences between human populations – the broad idea that these differences exist and are important – sort of ranks up with those phenomena that we can say are “true” to the extent that the overwhelming evidence supports it.  Most “movement” dogma though is far from that level of certainty.

Population genetics must be the most politicized science in existence.  I say that not so much about Der Movement’s obsessions – which while stupid have little influence on the field – but on mainstream population geneticists themselves, many of whom are mendacious “anti-racists” and/or who have nakedly transparent ethnic motivations (e.g., all the controversies about Jewish origins, for the most part derived from the work of Jewish, particularly Israeli, academics).

Did I overestimate the utility of DNAPrint Genomics?  Certainly, but remember at the time it was the only autosomal game in town (for personal analysis), and the state of the art in the literature at the time was not much better.  And, for all its faults, that company actually provided statistical information – confidence intervals, etc.  Companies today lack these excuses – extant personal ancestry analysis lags far behind the state of the art, it typically does not provide statistical data, and does not clearly define how findings are influenced by initial parameters (e.g., parental populations).  Der Movement’s (justifiable) skepticism over DNAPrint has not been duplicated with respect to current companies (for which skepticism is equally justified). 

Digital activism is all well and good, and the Internet is a net plus.  However, one must consider the negatives, the substitution of blogs and comments threads for the real-world “analog” activities that will be necessary to solve our racial problems.  The Internet is merely a tool (one which we should not get too dependent on, given possibilities of online censorship), means not ends, and we must not forget that the ultimate objective is to translate our racial ideas to actual nuts-and-bolts “facts on the ground.”  All else is folly.

Some of the best people I have ever met have been through the “movement,” and, also, some of the worst. It is perhaps common to dissident movements that extreme personalities are attracted, and these constitute both the best and worst of the human condition.

It is ironic that a “movement” based upon the foundation of racial identity has been so consistently unable to clearly define itself, what its “in-group” really is.  Lies?  Stupidity?  Cowardice?  All three?  The very definition of a group is the boundary of “in” and “out” and this the “movement” cannot bring itself to declare with any finality.  Granted, the “movement” is not monolithic and there are many factions with different opinions on this matter.  But even within each individual faction, one often finds confusion and/or mendacity on this point. Who is it that is the focal point of the activism?  What ethny or ethnies?  “In” or “out?”  Single individuals will waver on this, to the point of absurdity.  Also, one often reads: “we will continue to discuss this.”  Er…no, that should be, absolutely, the very first thing decided.  Again, the very definition of the group is based upon who is in and who is out.  If you cannot even determine that from the outset, you don’t have the slightest right to be organizing any sort of “movement” activity whatsoever. Ludicrously, these folks believe that you can decide who is in and who is out after the group has already been formed and after people have already been committed to it and working for it.  “Sorry, I know you’ve been working your rear end off for us for years, and have contributed time, effort, and money, but we’ve just now decided, after much discussion, that you don’t make the cut.  We’ll keep your donations of course.”  Stupidity, lies, and cowardice.

SS motto: Our honor is loyalty.  Der Movement motto: Our dishonor is disloyalty.

Der Movement: We are truth tellers!  But, alas, if a favored group is in question – and in some cases that favorite group is Jews (for the conservative HBD faction) – then, suddenly, “truth telling” takes a back seat to political expediency.  Of course, the Jews never return the favor.  Stupidity, lies, and cowardice.

I have been talking about “the ‘movement’s’ affirmative action policy.”  Sorry to say, it is all too real.  The policy extends to those who are considered leaders, who are listened to, what ideas are considered, and, at the population level, what (European-derived) ethnies are valued and which are despised.  It allows certain individuals and certain ethnies to have a “Teflon coating” of immunity, nothing bad sticks to them.  Affirmative action is of course a zero sum game, so that for every instance of unfair advantage, there is the associated instance of unfair advantage.  “Well, life is unfair,” some would say.  Indeed it is.  However, that brings us to the more fundamental practical problem with affirmative action: it breeds inefficiency, cynicism, and failure, as those unfit for positions are elevated to those positions, and their manifest failures are excused, to be repeated over and over again.  Thus, the treadmill of endless disappointments for Der Movement.

Der Movement likes to state that it is about preservation, and does not deal with issues of superiority vs. inferiority.  However, for most “activists” that is an outright lie – the feeling of inherent superiority is the bread and butter of ossified “movement” dogmas.  Unfortunately, Der Movement fails to understand that superiority is not anyone’s birthright; superiority has to be earned.

Conversely, respect has to be earned.  The “White ethnics” have themselves to blame, to a large extent, for the fact that they are held in contempt.  It is a mathematical certainty: if you behave in a contemptible manner, you will be treated with contempt.  If a Schettino is the archetype of your national character, what else can you expect?  If you are always the anvil and never the hammer, expect to be flattened down into the dust.

People in Der Movement like to accuse other “activists” of “larping.”  But, isn’t the entire “movement” a circus of laughably tragicomic larping?

What is this?  Is this serious?  People fighting over the carcass of the National Alliance (using the court system, even though they all allegedly want to “overthrow the system”).  The National Alliance died with Pierce, and he had already ruined it beyond repair before then.  Older people are disgusted by the zombie-like attempts at reanimating the corpse; the younger “alt-right” snarky types could care less either way - it’s before their time, it has nothing to do with them, and they share the negative attitude of their generation for all that came before them.  Why attempt to raise the dead?  Why not start something new?  Are they incapable of it?  Probably so. Therefore, the ghost of Pierce hovers around endlessly. The ghost of Hadley as well.  One could almost hear the “meow.”

Der Movement is and has been a dismal failure and will continue as such until it is completely deconstructed and rebuilt from scratch. If Der Movement was a business enterprise, it would have gone bankrupt and its CEO and board of directors deposed and replaced. “Eschewing defectives” will be a major problem for Der Movement since a majority of its membership consist of such people - including “leadership.” A fundamental problem for Der Movement – the same for many “real-life” institutions and entities – is that the wrong people are in charge. The characteristics that allow for ascent into leadership leave the “leader” ill-prepared to do perform their functions and responsibilities effectively. Further, there is relatively little original thinking in Der Movement. It is all just knee-jerk fossilized dogmas regurgitated over and over again, at best slightly repackaged but essentially of the same content.

To summarize Der Movement: the emperor has no clothes, so to speak.  Apparently, I’m one of the few people willing to see that and say it.  Everyone else is engaging in deception or self-deception. The “movement” is morally bankrupt, intellectually bankrupt as well.

I must say, sometimes I think to myself: “I can’t believe I’ve wasted more than two decades of my life with this nonsense.”


*Apologies to Saint Adolf.

**As for my experiences in real-world “analog” activism, I can quote the movie Blade Runner and tell the younger, alt-Right activists of today: “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”  Unfortunately, those things cannot be discussed here.