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Friday, February 13, 2015

Lords of Chaos

Chaos theory.

Like many on the Right, I generally support the concept of Order; I am an Apollonian type who is an acolyte of Science and Technics.  So, it is interesting that I am, in my various blogs, I advocate the utility of Chaos for advancing the cause of racial nationalism.  And not only as a short-term destabilizing tool, but as a long-term approach to instill virile instincts to our objective if instilling a healthy sense of Order.

Looking at the passivity of the White race, its capacity to accept abuse unlimited, it is quite clear that Whites – and here we can focus on White men – have become over-civilized, effete, and degenerate, and easy prey for the more barbaric peoples of the Third World.  Too much order, too much abstraction, too much Apollonian rationality is as destructive as the other end of the spectrum: too much chaos, too much barbarism, too much Dionysian emotion.  Pure Order and Pure Chaos both lead to the Last Man. Pure Order leads to the Last Man decried by Nietzsche: the Last Man of comfort, of stasis, of effete stagnation.  Pure Chaos leads to the Last Man of Third World savagery and colored backwardness.  There needs to be a balance. And since the White Man of today is over-civilized, too much in the direction of Order, then some sort of Chaos is necessary.  Nietzsche, the champion of the Dionysian, said that you must have chaos in yourself if you want to be a “dancing star.”  For those more interested in fiction, I am reminded of the story told by Gene Wolfe in his The Book of the New Sun, how humans gave up the “wild part of themselves to reach the stars,” not realizing that it was that part of themselves that had initially allowed them to be fully human.  And in Wolfe’s universe that Empire built on pure Order collapsed. The barbarian values can never be ignored or eschewed. Chaos leads to creativity, chaos leads to fertility, Chaos – paradoxically as it may seem – provides the foundation for a lasting and balanced sense of Order.
There is of course the old idea that vigorous barbarians revitalize decadent cultures (the Germans/Romans/Western civilization paradigm is popular within the “movement”), and we can recall Hamilton’s idea that a type of daring, self-sacrificing altruism, linked to creativity, dies off in advanced civilizations, and such a culture requires the fresh blood of barbarian pastoralists to restore the proper genetic-behavioral balance.  Frost’s ideas of genetic pacification fit here as well. But we’ve run out of the barbarians of our own race, and those of others, even if we wanted to tolerate the EGI-destroyed admixture (and we do not), lack the altruism and creativity that is the hallmark of European Man.  There are some in the “movement” who look to Russia, but even if we put aside the realization that these folks over-idealize Russian potential in this regard, the fact remains that Russia can be considered to be of a different High Culture at present (many Russians certainly think so), and even if Russia can shake off the domination of the Putinian Eurasian multiculturalists, the fact remains that, in the last analysis, the Western Core needs to save itself, it cannot depend on others, who have their own agenda.  Certainly, in the future, the Western and Eastern halves of the race can combine to form the new Overman High Culture, but that will require the participation of all Europeans, not a scenario in which Russians impose their own cultural development on everyone else.  So, regardless of the future, today, the West needs to save itself.  We need to become our own barbarians, to the extent possible. I do not believe that the genes have been completely extinguished yet.  There is still hope.

Here I would like to distinguish between the Orderly Chaos of the System and the Chaotic Order that we would like to be its replacement.  The System has as its objective the creation of a Third World hellish Chaos and they use the technics of Order to achieve that: Orwellian social controls and a managerial elite, analogous in a way to Francis’ Anarcho-Tyranny. This is Orderly Chaos: an organized system to create chaos.  On the other hand, Chaotic Order is a scenario in which creativity, fertility, strategic emotion and irrationality, barbarian virtues are all used to create Order, using Chaos as the fertilizer to grow a true and balanced Order.  Chaos can be used not only to impose Order, but also to maintain it.  Thus, contrary to what some may believe, the chaos is not simply a tool used to destabilize the present System, after which we will have an orderly stagnation.  No, using chaos has to be an ongoing process, a permanent revolution so to speak, to allow us to be “dancing stars” and not effete slaves, Overmen and not Last Men. We need to be the Lords of Chaos in order to be the Champions of Order.