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Fundamentals of a New Movement

The overarching, basic fundamentals of a New Movement are listed here. The link leads to the relevant post below. Also see "The Fundamentals" post list to the lower right. This is our new path. If you agree with this direction, then join with us.

The Old Movement is dead. Let us instead build something that works, a New Movement, a fresh start.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Counter-Currents on White Identity, Racial "Purity" and EGI

Important: Identity Does Not Depend on "Purity"

First, we have excellent comments by Greg Johnson and Matt Parrott on the subject of this post here - I endorse those views 100%..

Then, my Ted Sallis essay here.

These positions constitute part of the new direction for the "movement" that this blog wishes to influence and affect.